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Whether they are requirements or best business practices, cyber security is a problem we must all address. All our assessments are performed against the ISO27001 framework. Most organizations use ISO as a security measuring tool; however, these standards should be viewed as a purposeful selection and a customized listing of security controls for companies and organizations. ProtonSolutions can help you align with and even certify to ISO27001 or NIST 800-171. In addition, we can provide risk assessment services, audits, security awareness training, virtual CISO, incident response, and many other cyber-related services.

Our different cyber security plans secure as many angles as practical in a cost-considerate manner, together with an auditing process designed to meet the requirements of GS007, ISO27001, and others. In addition, all of our security plans use best-in-class products from multiple vendors, which we deliver through a centrally deployed, managed, and monitored system that integrates with our service management platform.

At Proton Solutions, our mission is to be your technology partner, and not just an outsourced IT company. Get in touch with us now to learn how we can deliver successful Managed IT Solutions for your organization!

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